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Aquaculture: The Aire-O2® Aquaculture Advantage

The Series II oper­ates by cre­at­ing a par­tial vac­uum under the water, draw­ing air through the shaft and dis­pers­ing it into the water in a hor­i­zon­tal direc­tion. As the pro­peller rotates, it induces a flow of atmos­pheric air through the air intake ports on the shaft located above the water sur­face. This air is then drawn through the shaft, past the pro­peller, and exits in a high veloc­ity stream of fine bub­bles as it is dif­fused into the water.

  • Produces fine bubble aeration as defined by the EPA (less than 2.2 mm in size) that insures optimum oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Distributes and uniformly mixes oxygen throughout your entire pond
  • Ideal for zero exchange systems
  • Reduce disease and mortality rates
  • Increase stocking densities, yields and profits
  • Premium high quality USA motor with specifications designed for tough environments, not plagued with problems inherent to failure ridden gear box design
  • Surface-mounted motor designed for years of trouble-free operation, not susceptible to the hazards and failures of subsurface motor types
  • New one piece unifloat insures ease of installation
  • Combined propeller/diffuser
  • Water lubricated bearing, no risk of pond contamination
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable flotation built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Almost maintenance-free due to design ingenuity of only one moving part
  • Made and assembled in the USA

Download files: AireO2 Series II
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