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Aire-O2 Turbo® Aerator
Superior Surface Aeration Technology.

Surface aerators were developed for the special needs of the pulp and paper industry, food processors, the petrochemical industry and municipalities. Compared to conventional designs, the Turbo Aerator can reduce operating costs by up to 30%.

Stationary deflector head and stepped diffuser plate create a low-trajectory pattern that prevents the aerosols that can occur with conventional, high-arching patterns.

Aeration Industries International's high efficiency Turbo surface aerator is a low trajectory surface aerator designed to meet the special needs of municipalities, food processors, the pulp and paper industry, and petrochemical industry

The AIRE surface aerator is technically advanced. The trajectory of the water is horizontal and out rather than vertical and out. An electric motor drives the patented Archimedean type "scooped impeller, which is far superior to old fashion propeller type surface aerators. Almost effortlessly this impeller pulls wastewater up to a deflector head that transforms water into a fine film, then shoots the water droplets out in a uniform circular pattern.

Because the trajectory of the water is long and low, there is considerably less aerosoling and far more water is exposed to the air, increasing oxygen transfer.

Our high efficiency Turbo surface aerator will help you meet increasingly stringent regulations while reducing your operating costs.


1. Stationary Deflector Head
2. Stepped Diffuser Plate
3. High Efficiency "Scooped" Impeller
4. Encapsulated Motor Shaft

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