Thiết bị chống chảy ngược “DISCOBLOCK BA”

Backflow preventer “DISCOBLOCK BA”


DN 150 to 250 | PN 10
Body: EN-JS1040
Coating: Epoxy

Backflow preventer with reduced pressure zone
DN 150 to 250 – Series H2 10
Designed to protect drinking water networks from backflow of polluted water due to a pressure drop in the network or a back pressure from a potentially non potable water network

Standard local authority sanitary regulations make it obligatory for owners of installations, which are potentially dangerous, to protect public drinking water network and the internal network from the risk of a backflow of polluted water, this being by means of an approved and regularly maintained device

Controlled check valve with upstream, downstream and intermediate pressure gauge taps

Security air gap with discharge valve, in case of upstream pressure drop

Head loss lower than standards requirements

Sub set of valve and seat in bronze, stem and spring made of stainless steel

Body in ductile iron with epoxy powder coating

Maintenance in situ without dismantling


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