Van một chiều "CLASAR" DN 80 - 1800

“CLASAR” Check Valve DN 80 to 1800 - Series B6 10


DN 80 to 1800 | PN 16
Body: EN-JS1040
Coating: Epoxy

CLASAR is a concentric disc check valve, ensuring the protection of the pumps against flow inversion.

Anticipated closing creating no water hammer in pipelines


Damping the check valve shock thanks to the elasticity of the disc made of polyurethane


Extensive range of working pressures and diameters

Body and disc hydraulically profiled optimising the passing of the flow

Wafer body from DN 80 to DN 500 and flanged body from DN 600 to DN 1800

Internal and external epoxy coating

Horizontal or vertical mounting


Drinking water approval


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