Van một chiều dang cánh lật DN 40 - 1200

Dual plate check valve DN 40 to 1200 - Series B6 20


DN 40 to 1200 | PN 16
Body: EN-JS1040
Coating: Epoxy

Dual plate check valve ensuring the protection of pumps or of parts of networks against flow inversion.

Low head loss


Wafer body to fit between flanges

Extensive range of pressures and diameters

Seal vulcanized on the seat of the body DN 40 to DN 600 or on that of the plates DN 700 to DN 1200

Springs for plates recall

Symmetrical flows optained thangs to limit stop when plates are fully opened

Arrow on body, indicating the flow direction

Lifting rings from DN 300 for easing the handling

Internal and external epoxy coating



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